October 03, 2014

Ok, first thing: I'm so excited I'm back to food photography! It's not like you will see a lot of that on my blog (ok, maybe on my Instagram). But I have to tell you, it's amazing to work with such talented people. I just love it!

Ok, now: Last weekend, I went to a super cool gastronomic event called Taste, As you may know, I have a ridiculous love for food, so, now you imagine how much I loved the event. Well ok, let me tell you how much I liked it.

On Saturday, we had a cooking show with the French/Spanish chef Mikel Alonso, who has a restaurant in Mexico called Biko. He showed us a lot of interesting: from culinary techniques to really interesting theories. Here's one of the plates he cooked, which was amazing.

On Sunday, we had a cooking show with three talented chefs from our country (which I admire, and I'm very lucky to work with) Jacqueline Henriquez, Leandro Díaz and Ana Lebron. Each one of them cooked different recipes in such a great and easy way. Here's what Leandro's created:

Ok, you probably saw a picture of that on Insta too. But I just wanted to show you the one I took my camera, you can really appreciate all the details, and it looked (and tasted) wonderful!

After that, Ana got on the stage and cooked a delicious dessert called arroz con leche, which is very popular in my country. She kind of reinvented it, using different ingredients and cooking it in a very modern way. Here's how it turned out, and Jacqueline's creation on the right, which was wonderful as well:

Well, that's all folks! I had such a great time there. But now, this post is already too long, and it also made me a bit hungry. Ok yeah, I'll try not to make a mess in the kitchen now. Bye! xx


The watch

September 20, 2014

Happy Saturday folks!

Here's a still life shot with my new Daniel Wellington watch. Such a classic piece! isn't it? I'm loving it so far. Mine is a men's Classic Sheffield on Silver. The minimal design of this watch is simply perfect (ahhh, you know me). The face is so thin, which makes it super easy to wear and that's something I just love!

Oh, by the way; The folks at Daniel Wellington were nice enough to create a discount code for you guys! You can use 'victorstonem' to get 15% off of all their products! (valid until October 15)


Friday Stills pt. 5

September 05, 2014


Here's another still life 'story' for Friday. I wanted to do something inspired by Fall for this; but as you can see, it turned out to look more like Winter, don't you think?


Monday morning

September 01, 2014

My love/hate relationship with Monday mornings started two months ago. Sometimes I loved the idea of waking up early, you know, a fresh start. And sometimes, it was just impossible for me to get out of bed and I just wanted to stay inside all week day long.


From last weekend

July 26, 2014


Last weekend I went to the Colonial City with some friends. Well, I think you probably know how much I love that place, right? My friend Paulette was waiting for me in a restaurant, Dario and Yoandy were also there. We had a few drinks and then we walked a little bit. Ok, a lot, actually.

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